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Onion - Baby 6-18 months

Patterns for babies of 6-18 months. Onion patterns have instructions in Danish and not in English. They're simple designs however and can be used if one has a bit of experience. We have a help page with translations and more under Information > Translation.
Jacket, spencer, suit

Onion 10019. Jacket, spencer, suit.
9,14 €

Spencer dress, leggings

Onion 10017. Spencer dress, leggings.
9,14 €

Suits, hats, mittens

Onion 10012. Suits, hats, mittens.
9,14 €

Shirt, pants, rabbit, dress

Onion 10011. Shirt, pants, rabbit, dress.
9,14 €

Empire dress and spencer for knit

Onion 20036. Empire dress and spencer for knit.
9,14 €

Baby outfit - hooded jacket, dress, pants and shirt

Onion 10009. Baby outfit - hooded jacket, dress, pants and shirt.
9,14 €

Wrap-around shirt and pants

Onion 10008. Wrap-around shirt and pants.
9,14 €