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Onion new patterns

Onion new patterns. Onion patterns have instructions in Danish and not in English. They're simple designs however and can be used if one has a bit of experience. We have a help page with translations and more under Information > Translation.
Dress in corsage design

Onion 9005. Dress in corsage design.
9,14 €

Pants and shorts with large width

Onion 4032. Pants and shorts with large width.
9,14 €

Dresses with drape piece

Onion 2072. Dresses with drape piece.
9,14 €

Cocoon dress for knits

Onion 2071. Cocoon dress for knits.
9,14 €

Cardigan and pants for knits

Onion 10021. Cardigan and pants for knits.
9,14 €

Pepluntoppe for knits

Onion 5044. Pepluntoppe for knits.
9,14 €

70es dresses in big sizes for knits

Onion 9004. 70es dresses in big sizes for knits.
9,14 €

Tops and blouses with collars

Onion 5009. Tops and blouses with collars.
9,14 €

70es dress for knits

Onion 2070. 70es dress for knits.
9,14 €

Dress in corsage-cut for knits

Onion 2069. Dress in corsage-cut for knits.
9,14 €

Dresses with waist piece for knits

Onion 2068. Dresses with waist piece for knits.
9,14 €

Retro-dresses for knits

Onion 20051. Retro-dresses for knits.
9,14 €

Jacket or coat with collar

Onion 1051. Jacket or coat with collar.
9,14 €

Dress with shoulderpieces, plus size

Onion 9003. Dress with shoulderpieces, plus size.
9,14 €

Shirt dress with lapels

Onion 9002. Shirt dress with lapels.
9,14 €

Dress with bust pleats and high waist

Onion 9001. Dress with bust pleats and high waist.
9,14 €

Pants with width

Onion 4031. Pants with width.
9,14 €

Retro dress with skirt

Onion 2067. Retro dress with skirt.
9,14 €

Top and dress with raglan sleeves

Onion 2066. Top and dress with raglan sleeves.
9,14 €

Jackets with Dolman sleeves

Onion 1050. Jackets with Dolman sleeves.
9,14 €

Shirt and shirt-dress

Onion 5043. Shirt and shirt-dress.
9,14 €

Top and shirts

Onion 5008. Top and shirts.
9,14 €

Pants culottes

Onion 4030. Pants culottes.
9,14 €

Dress with shoulder pieces

Onion 2065. Dress with shoulder pieces.
9,14 €


Onion 6023. Kimono .
9,14 €

A-shape skirts with pleats and pockets

Onion 3035. A-shape skirts with pleats and pockets.
9,14 €

Shirt-dress with lapels for knits

Onion 2064. Shirt-dress with lapels for knits.
9,14 €

Dress with wrap-effect for knits

Onion 2063. Dress with wrap-effect for knits.
9,14 €