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#Notions#Mannequins and sewing boxes

Lady Valet in black, 8 parts, with wood features

This professional mannequin is the perfect tool for your sewing. Lots of sewing tasks become easier with a mannequin.
The mannequin can be adjusted in several ways and has 12 adjusters to give precise body measurements.
Craftsman and old world charm demonstrated in solid turned natural wood stand and matching neck cap.
Useful heirloom item and practical piece of furniture - a pleasure to own!

Size Medium
Chest 100 - 116 cm (37-47 inches)
Waist 74 - 94 cm (29 -37 inches)
Hip 102 - 122 cm (40-48 inches)

The torso is simply adjusted to fit you or someone else and subsequently measuring, adjusting, placing zippers, sleaves etc. is much easier.

It has 10 turnable wheels to adjust it in various places.

Size: small,medium

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