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FJØLNER fabrics and patterns is situated in the city of Viborg in Denmark.
The details below will help you find the store once you're in Viborg.
You can always call us for precise directions.

Driving to us: From Randersvej or Sct. Ibsgade through Sct. Mathiasgade. Also from Skottenborg or Rødevej through St. Sct. Mikkelsgade.

Parking: At Nytorv parking, Domkirkepladsen parking or Palæ's parking.

Pedestrian street: St. Sct. Mikkelsgade from Nytorv and down to the store is a pedstrian street where vehicle traffic isn't allowed. Hjultorvet and Sct. Mathiasgade are also pedestrian areas.

The streets to and from Nytorv are one-way.

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