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Witch, Partner style Blouse, Skirt, Apron, Bloomers, Scarf

Product no. 30000

Burda no: 2366

Company: Burda

The traditional witchs costume is suitable for both men and women. It consists of a simple blouse with a small slit and bound neckline, a full skirt with a stretchy elastic waist and matching apron. White bloomers made of eyelet cotton fabric are worn underneath. A matching triangular scarf completes the outfit.

Instructions in English, German and French.

Size: Women: Sizes 6/8,10/12,14/16,18/20,22/24 (32/34,36/38,40/42,44/46,48/50) Men: Sizes 34,36/38,40/42,44/46 (44,46/48,50/52,54/56)
(EU size: Kvinder 6/8,10/12,14/16,18/20,22/24 (32/34,36/38,40/42,44/46,48/50) Mænd: 34,36/38,40/42,44/46 (44,46/48,50/52,54/56))
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Difficulty: Very easy
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