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Christmas hours

Sunday 12/10Closed
Monday 12/119.30-17.30
Tuesday 12/129.30-17.30
Wednesday 12/139:30-17.30
Thursday 12/149:30-17.30
Friday 12/159:30-17.30
Saturday 12/169:30-14:00
Sunday 12/1711:00-16.00
Monday 12/189.30-18:00
Tuesday 12/199:30-18:00
Wednesday 12/209:30-18:00
Thursday 12/219.30-18:00
Friday 12/229:30-18:00
Saturday 12/239:30-17.00
Sunday 12/24Closed
Monday 12/25Closed
Tuesday 12/26Closed
Wednesday 12/279:30-17.30
Thursday 12/289.30-17.30
Friday 12/299:30-18:00
Saturday 12/309:30-13.00
Sunday 12/31Closed
Monday 1/1Closed

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We have thousands of different fabrics and materials online. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need help finding what your are looking for.

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