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Danish-English tips and translation

To help you Danish instructions in patterns you may have purchased from us, we've translated some of the terms most frequently used.

The Onion and Multisnit patterns are easy to use, and if you've sewn before you probably won't need much help with the instructions.

If you do however, we've put together a list of commonly used terms, and measurement used in the patterns.

This page list some random help for translation of patterns. We try to expand the vocabulary whenever we get requests for new translations.

Please email us if you think something is missing.

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Danish to English

afsluttet / afsluttet finished / ended / terminated
bomuld cotton
bredde  width<
bukseben pant leg
bukser pants / trousers
dele parts
fast stof woven (or firm) fabric
foer lining
forstykke front peice
hals neck
hofte hip
hoftevidde hip measurement / width
høre right side (as in left and right)
højrejusteret right adjusted / adjusted to the right
hør linen
indvendig inside
ingen none / nothing / noone
jakke jacket
justeret adjusted / fitted
justeret forneden adjusted at the bottom
justeret foroven adjusted at the top
klip cut (with cissors)
krave collar
lodret vertical
læg calf /
manchet cuff
materiale material / fabric
mønster pattern
mål measure / measurements
nakke back of neck
nummer number
oplægning hem (ex. bottom of sleeve or pant leg)
overarm upper arm
overvidde bust measurement
ret / retside right side (as in proper side)
ryghøjde back measurement
saks cissors
silhout silhouette
skråbånd bias binding
snitmønster pattern
strikstof knitted fabric
stryge to iron
strækstof stretchable fabric
størrelse size
søm  or  sømkant hem or seam
talje waist
taljevidde waist measurement
tilpasning adjustment
tråd thread
udvendig outside
underarm forearm
vandret horizontal
vrangside wrong side /backside of fabric
venstre left (as in left and right side)
venstrejusteret left adjusted / adjusted to the left
ærme sleeve

English to Danish

adjustment tilpasning / justering
adjusted justeret
back measurement ryghøjde
back of neck nakke
backside of fabric vrangside
bias binding skråbånd
bust measurement overvidde
calf læg
cissors saks
collar krave
cotton bomuld
cuff manchet
cut (with cissors) klip
finish afsluttet / stoppe
forearm underarm
bottom (at the bottom) forneden
foroven at the top
front peice forstykke
ended afsluttet
hem søm / oplægning
hip hofte
hip measurement hoftevidde
horizontal vandret
inside indvendig
jacket jakke
knitted (fabric) / knits strikstof / strikket stof
left venstre
linen hør
lining foer
material / fabric materiale
measure / measurements mål
neck hals
number nummer
none ingen / intet
nothing ingen / intet
outside udvendig
pant leg bukseben
pants / trousers bukser
parts dele
pattern mønster
pattern snitmønster
right (as in left and right side) højre
right side (as in proper side) ret / retside
seam søm
silhouette silhout
size størrelse
sleeve ærme
stretch (fabric) stræk stof / strækstof (woven with lycra)
terminate afslutte
thread tråd
iron stryge
upper arm overarm
vertical lodret
waist talje
waist measurement taljevidde
width bredde 
woven fabric fast stof
wrong side vrang / vrangside
If you have trouble translating any instructions feel free to email us a few sentences or an image of them and we'll translate them for you.

Translation from Danish to English

The instructions for the Onion, Multisnit and Minikrea patterns are in Danish and while they're easy to follow, we happily translate bits of the instructions to help you if needed. We cannot offer to translate the entire instructions however.


1. Bust width: Largest horizontal measurement across the chest.

2. Waist width: The measurement around the waist.

3. Hip width: Largest measurement around the hips ca. 21cm (8,3 imches) below the waist.

4. Back height: Distance from upper vertebrae bone to the waist.

Measurements are to be taken as "tight" measurement on to of the clothes you're wearing.
Room for moving is calculated into the pattern's size.

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